Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The NHL is digging itself a deeper hole...

You know those polls that virtually every major sports publication asks every year, the ones that ask which major sporting event you would attend if you could? The choices are always the same. The Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, NHL Finals, etc. Every once in awhile a novelty item gets thrown in for the year, like the Olympics or World Cup or whatever. My answer is always the NHL Playoffs. I don't care if it's the finals or the opening rounds, playoff hockey is RIDICULOUS. Unfortunately, I don't know this from personal experience. I've never even been to an NHL game, because my parents refuse to recognize it as a sport, because (even after the rule changes) "all they do is fight." So maybe I'm just bitter because I never got to see Mario Lemieux in person, but I'm mad at the NHL.

You would think that coming out of a lockout, the NHL would have secured a TV deal with a major network. I know that the TV deal with ESPN/ABC wasn't the best, and that that was a large reason the league needed to make changes. But now the casual fan can't watch the NHL playoffs, because the majority of the games are on OLN, a station I don't get. To be honest, I don't know anyone that gets it. I've only seen it at a few hotels on vacation. I refuse to count the one game NBC shows on the weekends as postseason coverage. What casual fan is going to turn on hockey without seeing any of the other games? It's like starting a movie in the middle instead of the beginning. I hate the fact that I have to follow the NHL online.

The NHL should have partnered back up with ESPN or a sports network for 50 cents on the dollar. Cut the dollar amounts but keep the coverage. After all, there's nothing like listening to Steve Levy commentate a hockey game... and seeing the fans getting into it with every hit and every near-miss goal is priceless. So now I'm deprived, and I'm actually forced to watch the NBA as my sports fix. That's right. I'm actually watching Dallas/Pheonix right now. This is the same person that said that the NBA isn't legitimate basketball. Oh well.

Anyhow, I promised my girlfriend, who happens to be from Buffalo, that if the Sabres pull out Game 7 versus Carolina and make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, that I'll be going and taking her. Like I said, I've never seen NHL hockey live, and Edmonton has always been one of my favorite teams. I'll root for Buffalo of course, but you have to admire Edmonton because they're from Canada, and they weren't one of those horrid Western Conference powerhouses in the late 90s, like Detroit or Colorado or even Dallas.

The only problem is that we're both going on vacation to North Carolina in a week and a half. So I probably won't be able to see a game down there, let alone attend one in person. I'll keep this posted on developments.


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hey mookie,
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Let's Go Bucs!

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